Neek The Exotic – Hell up in Queens (2018)



Download or Stream the newly released Mixtape from Neek The Exotic titled Hell up in Queens (2018) this is a Rap Mixtape and was published on Sunday, August 12, 2018. The Mixtape has four working Download links available.

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  1. 01. Bax n Nex
  2. 02. Hell up in Queens (feat. Stoxx)
  3. 03. Queens Venom (feat. Stoxx, Large Professor, Merc The Body Benz)
  4. 04. Chronic Bars
  5. 05. Red Mamba Flow
  6. 06. What You Want Me to Be (feat. Fame Feddi)
  7. 07. Still Fakin' the Funk (feat. Fredro Starr)
  8. 08. Where I Came From (feat. Fame Feddi)
  9. 09. O.G. Season (feat. Bumpy Knuckles)